Who We Are

Coven is a digital publication by, for and about university-aged women.  To all the women who have been there, Coven is for you. Coven is you. We’re here to prove that there’s so much more to discourse, whether on Instagram on in real life, than what party you were invited to last night. We hope, above all else, to be a catalyst for positive change; leading you and your personal coven to evoke discussions beyond the social scene. 

Today, we are a small but brilliant coven of editors, creatives, and social influencers working to build something that's never been built before. All and just for you!



what we do 

Coven is an independently run digital publication redefining what it means to be a media organization in the 21st century.  Before anything, we are a community. We publish literature and art by, for, and about college women (and their cohorts of any age!). Here, women have the opportunity to understand and celebrate the multidimensional stories of other collegiate women. 

In addition to the magazine, we cultivate events that bring women together to offer encouragement, resources, and wisdom. We host small and large “covens” across the country. From meet-ups to full-scale Witch Fests, our events galvanize the incredible women who know that true success is somewhere at the intersection of ambition and reality.


The Head Witches 

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Alexandra Davis 

FOunder + CEO / @coven.mag

I spent more time on Amazon Prime strategizing party outfits than I did on Thesaurus.com* freshman year. A full year before #MeToo became the season’s hashtag, I felt alone and even more culpable for putting myself in danger at my first freshman party. When I started thinking about the possibility of Coven a year or so ago, I wanted college women to have their own, unique manual on How to Be Their Bad Ass Selves, not what social media told them they should be. The Coven is a place to make the best of the beautiful pain and cringe-worthy awkwardness of being a college girl. Anyone can take a picture in front of some fratty American flag. I want you to experience the emotion before and after that highlight snippet. Romanticize your reality, and at the very least, you won’t be needing any expedite-shipped outfits when you Instagram that American flag background. 

Unequivocally* yours,


Caroline brockett  

CoO / @Carolinib

I fell in love with Coven the second Alexandra started explaining everything that it stood for. After asking about a million questions, I soon found myself as eyes and ears for the publication. While I tackle various roles within Coven, I am most passionate about helping women connect meaningfully with themselves and others; I want you to be the #bosswitch you know you are and radiate that power and positivity for others to see and feel. When I’m taking a little rest and relaxation break for myself, you can find me chowing down on shrimp pad thai (with lots of lime) while watching Sex and the City and Narcos. Welcome to The Coven!

xx Caroline


our working witches